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Mind & Body Unification

When we speak of mental health, it is more common than not to think of it in an abstract way and view our mind as something apart from us and separated from our physical existence.

In truth there is no difference between what we understand as traditional as ‘health’ and mental health – in other words, we could not say for example that a person could be physically healthy yet have mental health ussies, or vice versa.

When we think about it there is nothing we can experience in our own universe that is not a part of our mind, thoughts and feelings occur in our minds, memories, dreams, wishes, hopes and fears, concepts, beliefs and ideas, they are all mentally based. Physical sensations are sent along nerves to our brain but it is the mind that perceives the result and experiences the reality through its own unique filters.

It is very important to understand this truth because it will help us to see that the way toward healing our mind is to seek an internal unity with our seemingly separate components, namely, our mind and body.

About Me

I have always valued true inner happiness and wellbeing as the most highly prized jewels anyone could attain in this life – after all what use are material possessions without the ability to really enjoy them? For over 20 years I searched for an answer to how to attain these jewels, I traveled the globe studying many of the world’s religions and Spiritual traditions, I attended numerous retreats and courses on Meditation, Shamanism, Energy Healing, Taoism and many others. I studied and practiced Tai Chi and Martial Arts, sought out Master teachers of this school and that tradition and basically looked everywhere I could understand how I could take this mind of mine and use it in a way that served me and complimented my life rather than hindered it…

This journey, with all its richness and challenges, has basically led me to a place where I am now starting to understand and appreciate what it means to be truly happy and experience the genuine wellbeing and vitality that we all seek.

Returning To Unity

A great deal of our suffering stems from our minds and bodies not being unified,  we live mainly in our heads simply using our body as a machine to get us around and we have all but lost connection with its innate wisdom and simple enjoyment. This is becoming more and more prevalent with the exponential rise in the digital and online world. We carry so much unwanted ‘stuff’ in our bodies in the form of stuck emotions and tensions and it is now time to turn inward and begin the process of undoing.

The pure act of sitting, moving, eating or breathing with real mindfulness can have an enormously positive effect on our wellbeing and can lead to helping us understand ourselves much more deeply by spotting and rooting out the more subtle causes and habits that our suffering stems from. There are so many easy to learn and hugely effective practices that can bring great relief and empower us with tools for life.

My Message

Throughout this website, you will find resources and teachings based on the healing of what I will refer to as our Mind/Body. I really want to present to you a truly effective route to regaining your mental health and increasing your ability to enjoy and appreciate your life. I also want you to understand that, contrary to mass belief, it is actually in simplicity and the letting go of concepts and beliefs that this route will be found.

You will find that there are a few core principles that govern all of my teachings and that I encourage the steady removal of complex ideas and dramas from life, replacing them with a more natural and unhindered way of being. Our state of overall health depends on our state of mind, of this, there is no doubt, so what governs our state of mind? Well, the answer to this is actually very straight forward – our state of mind is governed by our energy. I’m not only talking about how much energy we have but also the quality of that energy…

What is energy? To keep things simple let us look at energy in its most fundamental form. We can say that a very large amount of energy was present during the big bang, or when a star is formed for example. There must be some kind of force happening to drive these processes, and it is this same force that drives the processes of our Mind/Body body such as thoughts, emotions, digestion etc. This raw form of energy is present throughout our universe, it must be there in order for things to be happening. This energy was well known to ancient cultures and traditions and today it has become known in alternative circles by the Chinese term, Chi or Qi, such as in Tai Chi or Qigong, Chi / Qi translates basically as air, breath os gas.

This Qi, which I will refer to it as is expressed either as a positive or negative force. Positive Qi radiates outward and is life-affirming, much like our Sun. Negative Qi, on the other hand, pulls Qi towards itself and is a has an inward moving state, it can be compared to the moon insomuch as the moon only reflects the light of the Sun and has none of its own. Now in nature, of course, we need this balance of negative and positive, or Yin and Yang if you like, and there are aspects of our Mind/Body that when in its natural state, exhibit both of these qualities in a harmonious manner. We can be assertive or reflective, energetic or restful, awake or asleep, our bodies absorb nutrients and eliminate waste, and can expand and contract.

Plus and Minus Qi

To move away from the words positive and negative with all their many connotations and attachments in the modern day, let us refer to these 2 expressions of Qi as simply Plus or minus.

Now, getting down to the root of all this, how does anything that I have written above help with improving mental health? Simply put all of the emotions and thoughts that can make life so unbearable for many such as anxiety, depressions, sadness, critical thinking, harsh self-judgments etc, are all products or manifestations of minus Qi. Think about this for a minute, when you are experiencing any undesirable state be it emotional, mental or physical are you Plus or minus? Are you radiating outward or pulling inward? Are you giving to the world or taking from it? Even in anger when we are directing our rage toward a person or situation there is a pulling of energy inwardly toward ourselves in that we are trying to take something rather than give. When we are happy and at peace, we naturally radiate outward, this is an absolute truth and if you think about this properly you will see the wisdom in it

Now What?

OK, so I could go on and on about this for ages, it’s important that this message is taken onboard but I want to stop here and talk about the practicalities and how to’s of turning the minus Qi that is in our Mind/Body into Plus Qi and enjoying the results.

Head over to the Qigong page to find out more…

Thank you for reading and please do feel free to contact me if you have any questions at all.

Dan Gifford 

Certified Wellness Coach, Practitioner of NLP, Reiki Master, Teacher of Qigong and Meditation.



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